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 Antique Trapdoor Carbines

   Antique Trapdoor Rifles

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 Antique Trapdoor Carbines

Antique Trapdoor Rifles 

2nd Generation Revolvers 

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1863 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Info


Antique Krag Rifles

Antique Krag Carbines

Antique Spencer Carbines

Antique Krag Rifle

Antique Krag Carbine

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For lovers of Fine Western Paintings and Cat Art I invite you to check out the Western Artwork of Nance Hodge, my wife. Below you will find links to her Online Art Gallery or you can visit her website at www.CowgirlArtByNance.com.

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Visit her online gallery to view her entire collection

David Hodge | D&NMercantile


Since 1996 David Hodge, owner of D&N Mercantile has been recognized as and expert and a top  online source for quality antique firearms and firearm reproductions fromWinchester Rifles,Spencer Carbines,Enfield Muskets,Musketoon,Sharps Rifles,Krag Carbines, Remington,Colt Revolvers and more. David has also sourced a wide ranging variety of collectible modern reproduction firearms weapons for customers including Muskets, Carbines, Rifles, Trapdoor Rifles and revolvers.


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